Heybucket Regional News: A new program will give Canadians the opportunity to watch live regional coverage of events around the world from Canada and around the globe.

This week’s edition of Heybuckett Regional News focuses on the Canada-Russia and the Americas regions.The focus of this article is on the Russian-Canadian region, as it has the highest percentage of Russian speakers, and is home to many prominent events that are of interest to international audiences. As with any news channel, you can also watch a live stream from any […]

When the World Cup comes, Mexico will get the worst of it

Mexico will play the worst soccer of any country in the 2018 World Cup and, according to a new study by U.S. academics, the region is the least competitive in the world.In their report, titled “The World Cup: An International Perspective on the United States and Mexico, the Mexican Competitiveness Initiative,” the authors of the study argue that Mexico is […]

What are the differences between the UK and Australia?

A recent poll has found that the Australian population is more liberal than the British.A study published in the journal Evolution found that while a majority of Australians support same-sex marriage, just 37 per cent of Australians were supportive of the right of people to be fired or fired for their sexual orientation.“There are some areas in Australia where there’s […]

What happens when the Trump administration loses the courts and the courts lose Trump?

What happens if the Trump White House loses the Supreme Court?That would be the end of the road for the Obama era, which began with the landmark Citizens United decision in 2010.In that case, the Supreme Courts overturned a federal law banning corporations from spending money to influence elections.That was followed by the Citizens United v.FEC decision in 2013, which […]

When does your electricity go out? – The ABC News Politics blog

article A Queensland electricity network has been forced to temporarily suspend power generation after a transformer went haywire.Key points:The Queensland Electricity Network (QNE) said the outage caused power supply to be cut off to about 2,500 homesThe network is working to restore power as quickly as possibleThe Queensland Government said the incident occurred on Sunday afternoon and there were no […]

Albanian police arrest five people in West Region

LAGOS, Nigeria — Albanian police arrested five people Thursday in West Africa’s West Region, officials said, in the latest in a series of arrests targeting Islamic militants linked to al Qaeda.A local official told Al Jazeera that four people were detained in Gombes, on the outskirts of the capital Lagos.The police were searching the car of the arrested man, who […]

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