‘This is the new world’: An aerial view of the Indian Ocean, with a focus on Antarctica and the South Atlantic region

In this article published on 10 March 2017, the New Scientist website, and the accompanying images, show a spectacular panorama of the southern Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean.The region has been dubbed the ‘New World’ by researchers because of its vast extent of open water, its deep blue sea floor, and its unique geography.The Atlantic Ocean lies in between […]

Iran’s IRGC leader says he would like to see Iran get rid of Israel

A top Iranian general has suggested he would prefer that Israel be removed from Iran’s borders and that Israel should be “dismantled” and destroyed.The remarks were made by General Qassem Soleimani, commander of Iran’s armed forces and a close ally of President Hassan Rouhani, in an interview published on Thursday.Soleimans remarks come a day after the Islamic Republic’s supreme leader, […]

Tigray province is the epicenter of conflict with China

TIGRAY — The Tigray province government has said that the conflict between China and the Philippines over a disputed area has resulted in the deaths of at least 15 people, most of them local civilians.The government in Tigray on Wednesday issued a statement that said it had received the death toll from local authorities on Wednesday from the country’s Anti-Terrorism […]

Amhara’s Muslim population is growing faster than the rest of the country

By Amrita Shahramian and Arun Sharma in Amharyasandhra NewsSource: NewsweekAmhary as a region has been undergoing a major shift in recent years.In the last few decades, the region’s Muslims have been moving out of their rural homelands and towards cities, while other sections of the society are migrating into the cities.This is evident from the fact that Muslims constitute just […]

Heybucket Regional News: A new program will give Canadians the opportunity to watch live regional coverage of events around the world from Canada and around the globe.

This week’s edition of Heybuckett Regional News focuses on the Canada-Russia and the Americas regions.The focus of this article is on the Russian-Canadian region, as it has the highest percentage of Russian speakers, and is home to many prominent events that are of interest to international audiences. As with any news channel, you can also watch a live stream from any […]

The first time I visited a real hamilton – by K.S. Thakur –

I’ve never seen a hamilton in person.It’s hard to explain.The hamilton is a semi-prehistoric sea turtle shell found on the shores of the town of Kancheepuram in Kerala.This shell was excavated in the 1920s and was originally found in a riverbed near Kancheeps, which was submerged for thousands of years before being found.The shells are preserved in an artificial lake.Hamiltons […]

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