How to avoid a $1.3 billion Zika scare

The Zika virus is spreading at an unprecedented rate in the United States, according to federal and state officials.The Zika outbreak has claimed the lives of at least 23 people and injured more than 500 others, including a pregnant woman and two infants.Here are some tips for preventing a public health crisis.1.Take a hike and get a job.The federal government […]

How to get an Indian visa in Karnataka

Karnataka’s latest visa policy has put India on the back foot as it struggles to secure a visa for its Indian expatriates in the state.On January 5, the Karnataka government issued an order to all foreign employers that they need to register their Indian expats in Karnakans visa department and give them a date of arrival for the visa application.“The […]

What’s in your mind when you see a doctor?

Posted February 10, 2019 04:12:15 When I walk in to my local local hospital, I’m expecting a warm welcome from a nurse or two.Instead, I feel more like a stranger, in a dark room, waiting for my appointment.A patient is always waiting for their turn.This feeling of waiting is what I call the “in-between moment.”The in-between is the most challenging […]

Radiology, regional news in the UK

North East: North East Radiology: More than just the latest diagnosis – it’s what you need to know article Radiology is the process of analysing a patient’s body fluids and then sending them to a laboratory for testing.The key is that they’re tested in a specific time window to determine whether or not they’re a risk for the virus.The test […]

The U.S. is losing billions of dollars of foreign exchange to Asia as it struggles to contain its worst recession in decades

The dollar’s value has dropped by nearly $60 to a fresh nine-month low on the news that President Donald Trump has ordered a halt to US subsidies for Chinese companies, leaving US companies in a bind.The fall in the value of the greenback is hurting U.N. and Chinese companies because of a decline in Chinese demand for U.s. products.U. S. […]

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