How Iran’s nuclear program will affect Europe

Iran is considering building nuclear facilities in the United States, according to reports that surfaced in the international media.Iranian officials have been hinting at a possible facility for a long time, but the reports came as a shock to many.The Iranian newspaper “Mehr News” reported that Iran is planning to build two new reactors at the former site of the […]

Why I am happy to be Filipino

Posted September 08, 2018 03:21:04 I’m a Filipino.I’m happy to have a Filipino in my life.I have the same Filipino friends and family.I grew up as a Filipino, I love the Philippines.I am proud of the country and its people.I don’t believe in nationalism, nationalism is just a word to me.I believe in Filipino pride.I also believe in our culture, […]

Why I won’t vote in the Barents’ regional elections

Barenta’s regional elections are on Monday and the Børsen region’s largest party, the Party of Social Democrats (PSD), will take the lead in the race for the mayor of Barentsburg.The party’s candidate for mayor, Jørgen Børnes, is a retired police officer who has been mayor since 2008.He is a social liberal who wants to reduce the burden on the public […]

What happened to the region that won’t die?

Posted March 06, 2019 06:16:11 The region that once hosted the world’s biggest oil and gas field has been forced to turn to cheaper natural gas because of the drought, with some communities struggling to cope with a lack of drinking water.The drought has affected more than two million people and prompted a nationwide power shutdown that has caused gas […]

When: Sunday, Oct. 5 at 6 p.m. ET | Where: Soldier Field, Chicago |TV: Fox Sports West |Radio: Fox and Friends |Radio App: Free AppRadio app |Facebook: Chicago Bears |Instagram: @ChicagoBears

The Bears are playing in the second preseason game, but it’s not a matter of if they’ll be in action, but when.It’s all a matter if the team can hold onto their roster spot.The Bears have eight roster spots remaining on their roster.Two of those spots are locked up by the 2018 season, and two are currently filled.They have the […]

The most hated war criminals of all time

Murcia, Spain – In a world of endless war, one man stands out from the pack: Adolf Hitler.This is the story of how this anti-Semite turned Nazi, Hitler-hunting, racist, anti-immigrant, xenophobic, anti-“free market” and “free trade” racist, and anti-“libertarian” Nazi turned nationalist leader was able to rise to the top of the German Reich and create one of the most […]

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