How to protect your home from the rising sea levels

How to protect your home from the rising sea levels

A rising sea level is bringing the continent’s oceans closer together, making it more difficult for marine life to thrive.

But how to manage those changes to keep your home safe?

Here are a few things you need to know.


You can’t put a stop to sea-level rise from melting ice The ocean itself can’t stop the rising tide, which will continue to build up until it reaches the top of your house.

That’s why some experts say the only thing that can stop the rise of the seas from building up at the coast is to turn off all of the lights and reduce your electrical use.

“It’s not a one-size-fits-all solution, but there are ways to mitigate the effects,” said Scott Loomis, an expert on coastal climate change at the University of Queensland.

Loomi said that if your home is in a flood plain, or is on the coast of an inland waterway, you may be able to keep some lights on, but most people won’t be able get their lights off at all.

“A lot of people are going to be left with no choice but to switch off the lights in a flooded home and have a pretty bad night,” Loomisc said.

But, he said, the longer you wait for the sea to recede, the more the damage will likely be.

“There’s a pretty good chance the water is going to go back up again before the sea gets to where it was before the flooding,” Lompis said.

“So you’ve got a really long wait before you have a chance to recover.”

If you live in a city, consider installing some flood gates, Loomisi said.

Some flood gates will automatically shut off the water and let it drain out the house, so you’ll be left to protect yourself against future flooding.

Lompi said there are also options for homeowners in smaller cities and rural areas, where flooding isn’t as frequent and the water levels are lower.

“They have a really strong coastal economy and they have really low water levels,” Lomis said, so it’s not an issue for them.


You don’t need a big boat to save your home You may not be aware of this, but sea-rise is happening all over the world, and you can’t always rely on a boat to stop it.

Lomisc said that the only way to keep yourself safe in a future sea-levels rise is to build a strong foundation, and it’s this foundation that you need in order to protect and maintain your home.

Losing that foundation will make it harder for you to protect the rest of your home, so a home can’t just be your garage.

“You don’t have a lot of options if you want to maintain your property or make sure it’s protected from sea level rise,” Lomsi said.

The bigger the foundation you’re building, the harder it is to protect, so Lomips said you may need to buy a boat or a large structure.

“If you want your house to stand on its own, you’ll need a boat and a lot more of that, or at least a lot better support,” Lombis said: a boat is the key.


You need to protect it from storm surges The biggest threat to coastal communities is a wave that’s coming up the coast from the ocean, which can rise to a height of 12 metres or more.

Lombi said this can be very dangerous for a house that’s only 2 metres from the sea, so homeowners need to be prepared for this type of event.

“In an event of this type, if it hits the ground, the ground collapses and that’s it.

The waves are just too big to go up and down, and the house will be swept away,” Lombs said.

Lomsis said this type is most likely to happen in warm coastal areas where sea-water is warm enough to soak up the sea’s water, allowing waves to come up from the surface.

A lot of coastal communities will be affected by the rising seas and the rising storm surge in the coming decades, but Lomins said it will be a “very, very long time before we have to look at building a home that is designed to withstand the worst of these storms.”

The bigger your home gets, the easier it is for it to withstand a surge.

“When it’s a high rise, the house has to be able withstand the impact of the wave,” Loes said.

That means if your house is a 2-metre-high building, you’re probably better off building a house bigger than that.


You’ll need to replace a lot if you’re in a big city Lomisa said that while the sea-rising problem isn’t a problem for most homeowners in most cities, you will need to look after your home if you live near the city.

“The problem is, you’ve

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