How to save a life from an anesthetic overdose

How to save a life from an anesthetic overdose

A woman who had a fatal overdose on an anesthetics, is now recovering in hospital.

A story has gone viral.

The story includes an interview with the woman who is now a resident at a regional hospital.

“I had a horrible reaction to an anesthesiologist’s drug, so I took a large dose of anesthetic, and it almost killed me,” she said.

“The doctor’s hand was gone.

I just thought I’d have a bad time, and then I just thought, ‘Oh my God, this is it.'””

It’s one thing to take a large amount of anesthetiser and have it kill you, but it’s a completely different thing to have it actually kill you.”

“I just thought I’d have a bad time, and then I just thought, ‘Oh my God, this is it.'”

The story was originally published on the website of the University of Western Australia, but has since gone viral on social media.

The woman is a resident of the Perth suburb of South Fremantle.

Her friend has since taken to Facebook to share the story.

“She’s been treated in the hospital and has had some serious issues,” the friend wrote.

“We were all so shocked and concerned by the experience.

She was the only person we could talk to who wasn’t in pain, and that was amazing.””

She was also on a drug that’s normally used to control epilepsy and that has potentially serious side effects.”‘

I thought it would be a good thing’A hospital spokesperson said they had not received a complaint from the patient.

“A patient has died following a suspected anesthetic drug overdose.

We are currently in contact with the patient’s family and will work with them to investigate the circumstances of this case.””

A spokesperson for the WA Ambulance Service said it was assisting with the incident.”

An ambulance has responded to the scene and transported the patient to a nearby hospital for further treatment.””

We would like to thank the WA Government and all of the WA paramedics for their swift response.

“The patient’s name has not been released.

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