The Bigger Picture: Why the U.S. is Spending More on Its Military than Anyone Else

The Bigger Picture: Why the U.S. is Spending More on Its Military than Anyone Else

The U.K. is getting $50 billion in military aid this year, and Germany is spending more than any other nation, according to a new report from The Brookings Institution.

But the U, for all its advantages, has a bigger military budget than any nation.

In the past year, U.A.E. has spent $14 billion more on defense than the U of A., and Germany has spent more than the United States, the report found.

The United States is now spending the most money on its military in the world at $1,100 per capita, followed by Germany with $8,100, according the report.

That’s more than every other country except for China, which spends about $400 per capita.

The U of E, meanwhile, has spent the least on its own defense.

The report found that Germany spends about one-third of the U’s $10 billion per year in defense, which is less than the $10.5 billion spent on the U in 2016.

The cost of U. S. military hardware has soared.

The Pentagon says it needs about $50 trillion in weaponry over the next decade, which means spending about half the money it would have spent in 2016 on weapons and armor.

The Army is the biggest purchaser of weapons, but it’s the Navy that is buying more than ever, and that’s due to the fact that the U has been upgrading its ships and submarines.

The Navy is also getting more and more sophisticated in its weapons and submarines, and it has been acquiring more advanced aircraft.

This has led to the Navy having more ships and planes, which makes it easier for the Navy to take off and land on U. ships.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff estimates that it will take the U two decades to buy enough aircraft to replace its aging fleet.

The Marine Corps, meanwhile is building more ships than it has in decades, and is also acquiring more fighter jets, which has made it harder for other branches of the military to operate.

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