The Lad bible says it’s time to start putting our guns away

The Lad bible says it’s time to start putting our guns away

Posted October 14, 2018 10:59:00 When it comes to guns, the Lad Bible says it is time to put our guns down.

The book, which is believed to have been first published in 1605, was a bible of sorts, providing advice to the King of Israel and its inhabitants on how to be a “good man”.

While there are other books that provide such advice, The Lad is believed by many to be the first.

But its popularity has made it a favourite among those who believe in the Bible’s message of the “biblical kingdom”. 

“It’s just the way that the King has said, ‘Put your guns down and do what’s right’,” said David Wylie, a lecturer at the University of Adelaide’s Centre for Religion and the Humanities.

“It’s a good way to get into a good place.”

Mr Wylies study group holds a special Sunday service at The Lad church each Sunday, and his group’s prayer book, called The Lad Book, has been adapted into a song, “A Lad in the Kingdom”.

“The Lad Bible is a pretty good bible, in a good book,” Mr Wyslie said.

“But the King himself has said that it’s the bible of kings, and you need to respect him.”

The Lad book is known for its advice on gun ownership, including advice on whether it’s ok to leave your gun behind.

A woman who was at the church with her family said the Lad Book had helped her keep her hands clean.

“[The Lad Book] is a wonderful thing,” Ms Lott said.

“You’ve got the King, the King’s wife, and the Queen, and they’ve got their guns in their hands.

They can’t be getting involved in something like this.”

“It was great for us to have the King and the queen and their children there,” Ms Raby said.

“It meant that they could all be talking and joking around, and not have to worry about the guns.”

Ms Raby was also able to bring a gun to the church.

The Lad bible was first published around 1605.

It was published under the King John’s rule and it was the King who had the final say on who should receive the bible.

It is believed that the bible was originally written to teach people about the “divine kingdom”.

The bible says: “If a man loves his wife and loves his father and wife and children, and has all these great and glorious things in his hand, then he has a great hope and a hope of life everlasting.

But if he does not love them, how can he love God?”

“If you want to live in God’s kingdom, then you should love your wife and your father and your children, not your guns,” The Lad’s prayer book has been adapted as a song.


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