US warns of new wave of drone attacks in Qatif and Wadi Hilal region

The US has warned its forces are “committed to eliminating any threats” to the region’s civilians, as the latest attack on the Wadi, an area in southern Saudi Arabia, comes after months of air strikes. 

“The US will continue to seek to degrade and eliminate any threats to the security and stability of the region and its people,” the White House said in a statement issued on Monday. 

 The drone strike on Sunday was carried out by a Predator drone, the same model as a US military weapon the Pentagon says is responsible for a recent drone strike in Pakistan.

The strike came just hours after a second attack, this time on a residential compound in the northern city of Qatifa, killed at least two civilians and injured four others.

The drone strike came as Saudi Arabia’s civil war entered its third year, as its Houthi rebels fought Saudi-led coalition forces. 

The war in Yemen, which has killed more than 10,000 people, has been marked by frequent attacks by Saudi-backed forces, which have also launched more than 150 air raids in the country.

The Saudi-based opposition coalition says it has fired more than 2,300 missiles at Yemen, killing more than 6,000 fighters. 

In a separate attack, on Monday, at least three people were killed in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, after a suspected suicide bomber detonated explosives near the main airport in the southern city of Taiz. 

‘We are determined to defeat this evil’Saudi Arabia’s King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud said on Monday that the government is determined to take the fight to the Houthis in Yemen.

“The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is determined that we will defeat this enemy and we are determined that our troops will be in the field, ready to defend and defend our people,” he said. 

However, the Houthi rebel movement, which seized the capital in 2014, said the attack was carried “out by foreign and Arab fighters”.

“This act is not aimed at defeating the Houths, but rather to increase the pressure on them, to increase their aggression against Saudi Arabia,” the group said in an official statement.

The US has also intensified air strikes in Yemen in recent weeks, killing at least 11 people since the start of October. 

On Sunday, the US military launched cruise missiles at a Syrian airbase, a major military base that houses a number of US-led strikes against the rebel groups in the region.

The attack comes a day after US President Donald Trump said the country would consider a new round of air raids against the rebels if they continued to fire missiles at US forces.

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