Australia’s air traffic controllers: How we got here

News_Image_File: Australia’s Air Traffic Control (ATC) has a bad habit of ignoring airspace regulations that it thinks are not relevant to the day-to-day lives of its workers.

A report from the ABC’s Technology Network found air traffic control is using outdated rules and guidelines, and often doesn’t know what’s important for its workers when it comes to safety and privacy.

The ATC has been accused of having a poor record of air safety oversight since the ABC started asking questions about its air safety rules back in January, but it continues to insist its rules are up to scratch.

“The ATCA has taken its air traffic controller responsibilities to a new level in recent years, and we have a high level of confidence that our safety and security are not compromised by the air traffic controls,” the ATCA said in a statement on Thursday.

“Air traffic control has been subject to a number of serious and sometimes fatal accidents, and it is critical that air traffic operators adhere to all the regulations that we have put in place.”

A number of the ATC’s air safety guidelines are not even used in Australian airspace, the report found.

“As an example, the air controller for the Federal Capital Territory, the Capital Territory Civil Aviation Authority, has not issued a certificate or a certificate of compliance for a new standard of aerodynamic drag reduction of less than 20 per cent,” the report said.

“In terms of the other ATCA regional controllers, the Central District, the Northern Territory and the South Australian air controllers, they are still not using this new standard.”

“This has been the subject of numerous complaints, both from staff and contractors, and also from the public and from others in the aviation industry, who have complained that this new safety standard is not up to the job.”

It’s not just ATCA workers that have complained about safety issues.

The Federal Government recently introduced new air traffic rules that will see aircraft operating over bushfires, bushfire suppression and other sensitive airspace become more closely monitored.

“We have a very stringent, robust and robust safety and aviation system,” Transport Minister Scott Emerson said in November, adding that the new rules would reduce air traffic collisions and prevent aircraft from becoming a hazard to the public.

“That’s what air traffic management is all about, keeping our air traffic safe.”

In an email to the ABC, ATCA director of regulatory compliance Andrew O’Connor said the new air safety standards would ensure “the air traffic is as safe as possible”.

“It’s important that we understand the rules in the most accurate and timely manner,” he said.

However, the ABC found some ATCA regulations are no longer being followed, or aren’t even being monitored.

A number were not implemented when they were last reviewed in 2006, and some still aren’t enforced today.

For example, some of the air safety requirements that were last updated in 2014 were not met when the rules were last in effect, and many of the existing requirements were not updated either.

“Some of these air traffic regulations are not being followed by air traffic managers,” Mr O’Conner said.

He said the ATACs “strong compliance” and “excellent operational processes” were what helped keep the air control system running smoothly, and that the agency was “not doing enough to enforce our compliance with our air safety regulations”.

“The fact that there are no air traffic restrictions that are enforced, and not enforced at all, does not mean that air operations are safe or secure,” Mr Morrison said.

The Federal Government has announced that it will provide $10 million in funding to upgrade and modernise the ATA to ensure it can continue to keep its safety and safety management systems up to date.


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