New Zealand’s new national anthem is about a boy’s struggle to understand himself

New Zealand’s new national anthem is about a boy’s struggle to understand himself

New Zealand has adopted a new national song to commemorate the death of former Prime Minister Winston Peters.

The song, titled “Papa”, was created by a group of musicians at the behest of Mr Peters’ widow.

It was written by singer-songwriter Chris Hines, who was among the band members who were on stage during the National Day Parade last year.

“Papa” is sung by Mr Hines and includes the line: “I’m a boy of privilege, I’m a son of privilege.

I’m the son of a privileged boy.””

I want to be remembered for the good that I did and the great things that I’ve done, but most importantly for the struggle that I had to endure to achieve that,” Mr Hine said.”

I was fighting for a cause that had nothing to do with me and I felt very strongly about that.”

It was my duty to make a contribution to that cause and to show the country that I was a man of courage and integrity.”‘

He’s a real man’Mr Peters’ wife, Judith, said she was “overwhelmed” by the song’s significance.”

The message of this song is about something that he fought for, to be a true Kiwi.

And it’s something that I would have done in any other circumstance.

“The song is written in tribute to Mr Peters and is a tribute to his father, former Prime Ministers Brian Mole and Helen Clark, as well as the former PM’s wife, Judy.”

He was a real, great man, and he was a very strong, principled man,” Ms Hines said.

The band will sing it live on Saturday at a special event in the National Theatre in Wellington.

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