Kwanee Regional News | Kwan, Quinte, & Co. | South West News

Kwanee Regional News | Kwan, Quinte, & Co. | South West News

Kwan and Quintec counties are facing a new and severe drought, with the local water supply under threat.

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The water is under a severe threat from the high pressure system which is heading towards the South West.

The region is currently in drought.

It is predicted to reach a critical situation when the water level in the reservoirs falls to the critical level.

The water level is expected to drop to about 30 percent by the end of next week.

The Department of Primary Industries (DPI) said it will take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of water supply and ensure it does not cause undue hardship.

This is a challenging time for the region and we are committed to delivering a long-term solution to this water crisis.

The DPI said it is working with all stakeholders to identify the most effective measures to minimise the risk to public health and to ensure a sustainable water supply in the region.

The State Government is also looking to provide assistance to affected communities and businesses, including through the Department of Local Government.

The department said it has received advice from the South African Water Industry Association (SAWIA) on the best way forward.

The SAWIA said the drought has affected businesses, particularly in the mining sector.

It said the water shortage has impacted the industry as people in South Africa do not know when they can start working again.

It warned that the lack of supply could lead to water contamination and health problems.

“We are facing water scarcity which is a real threat to the economy of this country,” SAWIE chief executive and president, Michael Nel told reporters.

“It is a situation where the government and the industry have to take action now.”

The South African Government and the SAWIPI have worked very hard together over the last year to develop and implement an action plan to protect the environment and the livelihoods of South Africans.

“The SAWs Industry Association said the state needs to do more to ensure that water supply is maintained at a safe level.”

This drought is a direct consequence of South Africa’s poor management of water,” SAWs spokesperson, Kieren Wiersma, said.”

As water management is one of the most important tasks of government, we are particularly concerned by the drought that has hit South Africa, as well as the impact it will have on the state’s economy.

“The South Africa Water Authority has been working with the Department to ensure water supply was maintained.

In South Africa water is a public good, and the DPI is responsible for protecting it.

It has been advised that a major disaster could result if there is a water shortage in the state.

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