How to get involved in the Middle East peace process

How to get involved in the Middle East peace process

DHAKA, Bangladesh – A man holds up a poster with a photograph of jailed opposition leader and Nobel Peace Prize winner Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, during a rally in Dhaka on June 30, 2019.

The poster was distributed by a charity organization to raise funds for the release of the prominent Muslim cleric, who is in jail on charges of terrorism and belonging to the banned Jamaat-e-Islami party.

Abdullahi Mohammed, an influential Muslim cleric who has led the Bangladesh Muslim League for Peace (BLP) for years, is on trial for allegedly plotting attacks on Indian security forces and the Indian government.

He is accused of plotting to attack Indian diplomats and foreign embassies in Dhana and Dhaka, in retaliation for a deadly bombing in Dhore, Bangladesh, in 2016.

The group that distributed the poster called the charges against Abdullahi Mahdood a “coup.”

The Bangladeshi government has dismissed the poster as a political attack against Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

It said Abdullahi is innocent.

In the past year, Abdullahi has been in prison in Dhakarawah and has been accused of involvement in the 2014 Dhaka cafe bombing, the deadliest terrorist attack in Bangladesh’s history.

Abdullahis brother, Abdullah Atef, was also arrested and charged in connection with the bombing.

Atefi and Abdullahi, both from the southern state of Himachal Pradesh, were arrested in February 2018.

Abdullahs brother Atefa is serving a life sentence for involvement in that bombing.

In 2016, Abdullah’s family in India also issued a statement accusing him of being part of a “terrorist group” and demanding his release.

The statement also called for the closure of the countrys largest mosque and accused him of trying to set up a “secret police force.”

He was accused of being a member of Jamaat e-Islam-e, a group that has been banned by India.

Abdullah’s brother, Atefu, was released after nearly two years in jail.

The Bangladeas government has also said that the arrest of Abdullahi and his brother Asef is part of an “armed campaign” by the Bangladesh government to silence their voices.

The government has repeatedly called for Abdullahi’s release.

Abdullah was arrested in May 2018 after he refused to leave his jail cell, where he was being held on a charge of violating his bail conditions.

He was held in Dhalegala jail and then transferred to Dhaka in February 2019.

His brother Ayef was also imprisoned in Dhalo Jail in January 2018 and released in April 2018.

On June 15, 2019, a week after the bombing in India, Abdullah was transferred to the Dhaka Metropolitan Jail where he remained until the end of his detention in May 2019.

According to his family, he has been denied access to lawyers and medical care.

The brother Azeem Abdullahi said he has never been granted the right to an attorney and has not been allowed to consult a lawyer.

Azef Abdullahi told reporters on June 20 that his brother has been deprived of his right to counsel and has had no access to a lawyer since his arrest.

“It is very frustrating that I have been unable to seek any justice for my brother.

He has not received a fair trial and his family has not got any closure either,” Azeef Abdullahi was quoted as saying.

Ayefa Abdullahi also said his brother’s case is not the first time he has faced threats in Dhakhara.

“I am not scared of anything, even death, and the authorities have been very hostile,” he said.

The Bangladesh government is also under pressure from the international community to end the persecution of the Bangladeshis.

The United Nations Human Rights Council has called for a “fair and transparent investigation” into Abdullahi.

In January, Bangladesh’s top diplomat for the human rights, Abdul Rashid Mahmood, said the government has been slow in responding to the demands of the Bangladis.

“In the last three years, there have been few steps taken by the government to tackle the serious human rights violations in Bangladesh,” Mahmood said.

“But the Bangladesh government has the responsibility to ensure that it has a proper and prompt response to all those concerns.”

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