Which country’s healthiest cities are most likely to be hit by a pandemic?

Which country’s healthiest cities are most likely to be hit by a pandemic?

Australia’s most populated city is the most likely place to get hit by the coronavirus, with more than half of all Australians expected to contract the virus within the next few days. 

But the most populous city in Australia, Melbourne, is also the most unlikely to be struck by the virus.

While a significant number of people live in Melbourne, the city is also home to the nation’s busiest airport and the city’s most popular shopping mall, as well as an airport, train station and train station.

The city has seen a number of major fires and was hit by two major earthquakes last year, but experts say the city has avoided the worst-case scenario of an influenza pandemic.

“There’s no other place where the majority of Australians will be affected by the pandemic,” David Walker, a senior research fellow at the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, told ABC News.

Dr Walker told ABC Australia’s AM program the worst case scenario was that between 80% and 90% of Australians would contract the coronovirus within a month.

That figure is likely to drop if the city and state of Victoria start taking influenza vaccinations.

But Dr Walker warned that it could take another four to six weeks for many people to be fully vaccinated, and that some people may need to take more time to start taking the first dose of the vaccine.

It is likely that Melbourne will be the worst affected city, Dr Walker said, with around 70% of residents and residents of the state expected to be infected by the influenza.

As the pandemics are happening in Australia’s capital, Melbourne is also expected to see more than 300,000 hospital admissions in the next week.

This is more than double the figure from the same week last year.

Victoria is the nations most populous state and the largest city in Victoria, with a population of about 23 million.

More than half a million people live outside Victoria and the rest live in metropolitan areas.

With the coronivirus pandemic happening in Melbourne and the state of South Australia, Dr Watson said the coronvirus pandemic is likely spreading to other states and cities across Australia.

He said more than 30% of people are already infected and it is unlikely that more people will contract the pandomavirus until at least late April.

“We have seen it go from around 5% of the population to 20% in a matter of a week,” Dr Watson told AM.

Despite the recent pandemic in Melbourne being relatively small, Dr Paul Waddell, an infectious disease expert at the University of Melbourne, said the number of new cases is likely going to continue to increase over the coming weeks.

“The first three weeks are usually the peak time for the coronax,” Dr Waddill said.

ABC News has reached out to the Victorian Department of Health for comment on the number and location of new coronaviruses detected.

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