Which region will make up the new regional TV news network?

Which region will make up the new regional TV news network?

New regional TV News Network (RTE) will be launched in the region this month, with its name in French the first in a series of regional names.

The RTE will cover the whole of France, the Channel region and the Channel Islands.RTE will be broadcast from 5am to 11pm Monday to Friday, with the national channel in English the second channel, covering topics from regional news, sports, weather and culture.RTOI will be the second national channel of RTE.

The channel is expected to launch on June 1.

The French news channel SNCF, which owns the RTE channel, is looking to increase its regional coverage, as it wants to make it a “home for the people” as well as “a home for the country”.

“The RTOI initiative is based on a vision of France’s future, a vision for a new era, a future for the Republic, which includes an ambitious regional news channel, with an innovative, modern, progressive and diverse approach, which aims to serve the French people,” SNCP president François Bayard said in a statement.RTV will be a regional TV channel for the Channel Island, where it is the second most-popular channel.RCTV will also be the first French TV channel to carry live local news and sport.

It will also include news from the Channel islands, including the Channel Verre, which is home to the French flag and the French language.

The regional channel RTV will cover areas in the Channel, including Brittany, Normandy and Normandy-Atlantique.

It is expected that the channel will focus on France’s history and culture, which will include the French national anthem.RVN will be another regional channel, which covers areas in Brittany, the Riviera, Normandy, Normandy-Brest and Normandy.

It will also feature news from Normandy and Brittany.

The Channel Islands channel RTR will be an English-language channel for French citizens, but it will not be the French version of the Channel.

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