How do I use a Google Map to find out if I’m in the East Midlands?

How do I use a Google Map to find out if I’m in the East Midlands?

By Emily G. Brown, The Associated Press, March 19, 2018 6:00:06 Google Maps will show you where you are in the region as you scroll through a map, even if you don’t actually live there.

The new feature, which Google says will be rolling out to a large number of users in the next few weeks, is called region connector and lets you find out whether you’re in the Durham region, the eastern part of England, the south-east or the north-west.

It works by searching for a region in Google Maps that is within Google’s region of interest, and you’ll see a bar across the top that lets you see a map with a list of locations for you.

Once you click on the region connector, you’ll be shown a list with more information, including your latitude, longitude and direction of travel.

This map is similar to a Google map with the map on top and the directions on the bottom.

You can then scroll through the list to get a closer look.

For example, if you scroll to the bottom and look at the blue area, you see the East of England and you can also see the North-West of England.

Google says the new feature will also show you which parts of the country you’re currently in.

In some places, such as the South East of the United Kingdom, the map shows you the entire country.

For others, like the Midlands, the region of the area is displayed as a bar at the bottom of the screen.

Google also says the feature will be rolled out to more than 100 million people by the end of this month.

Google Maps has been rolling out the region connectors feature to the millions of users that have signed up for the service in the past few weeks.

The feature was introduced last month in the Google Maps app, which has a huge following in Canada and the U.K. The service is now rolling out across the globe to a larger number of Google Maps users, with Google saying it has more than 80 million users globally.

You’ll also see a new “Maps in the Pub” feature on the main menu that allows you to see which places have region connectors.

You should also be able to scroll through this list to find places near you and find out about them, which is a great way to find restaurants, bars, museums, theaters, concert venues, schools and more.

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