‘It’s a huge honor’ to be named to the ‘Polaris’ award

‘It’s a huge honor’ to be named to the ‘Polaris’ award

LILLE, Philippines — After a long wait, the Philippines’ top national award, the Polaris, was finally given out at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit in Laos.

The honor is the country’s third in three years, and will be presented on Friday, with the winners announced at a ceremony in Manila.

Ladies and gentlemen, you are our most important ambassadors in the world.

You make our world a better place.

And I want to say a big thank you to all the Filipino citizens for their support during this time,” Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said during the ceremony.

He continued, “I also want to thank the entire Filipino people for the support, the support of our entire country, of the people who made this happen.

We have so many people here that are so thankful, so honored, and so proud.

“A member of the countrys most powerful political family, Duterte has long been known for his controversial stance toward China and its influence in the Philippines.

Duterte’s father was assassinated in 1983 while in office and later pardoned by the Philippine government.

The countrys youngest president, Francis Poe, is a popular politician who also has a strong personal relationship with Duterte, whom he called his mentor and son.

The president, who is expected to enter politics in 2020, also took to Twitter to congratulate his wife Sara Duterte, who won the PNA award.

She is a great wife, a great daughter, and a great leader,” he wrote.

“My wife is very proud of me.”

The PNA awards are named after the Pacific Ocean, which is the most popular tourist destination in the Asia Pacific region.

They are given to those who have achieved exceptional achievements in the field of public service.

The APEC Summit was the first major economic and security forum of the Summit, and Duterte is a major attendee.

The event was supposed to have been held in Laos last year, but the Philippine military was called in to block the trip.

The Philippines has accused the United States of blocking its participation in the event.

Ahead of the APEC summit, Duterte promised a crackdown on drugs, and said he would “bring back” the death penalty if he became president.

It is not clear how many members of the Philippine security forces were involved in the raid, or whether Duterte has made any changes to the death sentence.

Punishing drug addicts is a top priority of the Duterte administration, and many drug addicts are believed to have fled the country during the campaign.

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