When it comes to politics, Russia is the real deal – Russia Today

When it comes to politics, Russia is the real deal – Russia Today

The world’s biggest and most powerful country is now being called the real winner of the world’s largest election.

Russia won the vote in November’s presidential election, a triumph that was hailed as a sign of a country with a more open and pluralistic approach to politics.

Russia’s victory was celebrated by leaders from the world over, including the leader of the United States, Barack Obama, who called the result “historic.”

Putin, however, is not known for his warm reception of the international community, but many in the West see him as a man of the people who has no time for political correctness.

A look at what we know about Russia’s election and its impact on the world, by The Washington Post’s The Next Web team.

Russia has a long and complex history.

The first world war began as a Russian-American war, and the conflict was a struggle for supremacy between Russian, French and British forces.

After World War I, Russia annexed the Crimea, a region that is part of Ukraine.

Putin, who has ruled Russia since 2000, has been the world leader in military intervention, but the world has not seen a major war in decades.

He is widely perceived as having a good relationship with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, but is increasingly being accused of human rights violations.

A Look at What We Know About Russia’s Election and Its Impact on the World, by Russia Today’s The Future of Russia team.

Putin won in a landslide.

The country had a majority in the country’s parliament, but its leader, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, had to be hospitalized and hospitalized for two weeks with pneumonia after he was found to have pneumonia.

He has since been hospitalized in a hospital in the capital, Moscow, and his condition is improving.

The United States congratulated Putin on his win.

The president, who won in the presidential election last November, has repeatedly criticized U.S. policy in the Middle East, accusing Washington of sending weapons to Syrian rebels and backing the Muslim Brotherhood.

But, the U.N. has criticized Russia for failing to condemn the violence in Egypt, which Putin is accused of backing.

The U.K., a longtime ally of the U

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