How the ABC’s digital coverage of regional banks could be improved by a digital platform

How the ABC’s digital coverage of regional banks could be improved by a digital platform

As regional banks work to recover from the worst financial crisis in Australia’s history, ABC digital journalists will have to make do with the same coverage that the banks get.

This is a problem, writes ABC digital journalist and author of ‘The Banks of Australia: A History’ Paul Bremner.

“The digital platform has to be able to give people a different view of how regional banks operate,” he said.

It’s not just about the digital platform.

The digital platform is not a standalone unit, but a unit of the ABC News Network (ABC News), which provides an array of digital content across the ABC.

The digital coverage is a significant and important part of the news story, but the ABC Digital News team is struggling to decide how best to leverage it, said Paul Bemmer, who has been covering the region for the ABC since 2013.

Bremner said it would be important to see how digital media could be leveraged to give viewers a different point of view.

This is not just the ABC, it’s all the news agencies and all the national news agencies that are all reporting on the same thing.

That means, for example, that if there is an earthquake or a hurricane, there will be a flood warning issued on Twitter or Facebook, for instance, as opposed to ABC News, which will have the same content as ABC News.

However, if there was an election, the ABC would be providing coverage, and it would have that coverage and the ABC could also publish a different article in the same format, he said, so that the reader had different perspectives.

If digital platforms are really going to provide a different experience for people, there needs to be a bit of a choice, said Bemner.

And that’s why the ABC has made a point of having a range of digital options, including its own mobile app and mobile app for iPad.

Digital platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram allow people to share their views on news stories and engage with each other, and they also allow the media companies to show more news stories through their own platforms, such as ABC Radio One, SBS and the Courier-Mail, and also through the ABC website, which is owned by the corporation.

In terms of the future of digital coverage, it is clear that regional banks are being impacted by the financial crisis, said Alan Williams, managing director at the National Bank of Australia.

But the digital platforms have the potential to make a difference in terms of how they report the news, and the stories that they report, and how the stories are presented.

There are a number of things that the ABC is doing to ensure that it’s reporting the news and making sure that the stories get the right attention and are accurate, Williams said. 

He said digital platforms could provide the platform for the news to reach the widest audience possible.

For example, if the digital networks are able to publish a story in a format that is accurate to the context, then that story is more likely to be shared and more likely get covered by other news organisations, Williams added.

With a digital news platform, people can have the confidence that the news will get the proper attention, he added. 

The digital platforms will have a major role in the development of the next generation of regional newspapers, which are also set to be rolled out over the next year, with a new publication coming out this week.

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