Why are they leaving Canada?

Why are they leaving Canada?

Posted February 08, 2018 11:00:00 It’s not just the lack of social media, but also the lack in jobs that’s driving people away.

A new survey by CareerBuilder, found that Canadians who had graduated from college or higher and are looking for work were much more likely to leave Canada.

“In 2017, we found that nearly one-third of graduates in our study were either unemployed or out of a job within a year of graduation,” the website said.

“While this figure has declined slightly over the past year, it still represents a significant increase from one year earlier.”

The number of unemployed graduates dropped from 27 per cent in 2017 to 18 per cent this year.

According to the report, many of the graduates are looking at other countries and moving back in order to make money.

“The most common reasons for leaving are lack of jobs, lower income, and high cost of living,” CareerBuilder said.

According the report the average annual income for graduates was $72,000, which is lower than the $87,000 average for people with college degrees in the U.S. The average annual wage for those with degrees was $56,000.

“Those who are considering moving to a new country are also less likely to be earning a wage in Canada,” Careerbuilder said.

There is one area that may be a better place for graduates to stay if they want to move, it’s jobs.

More than half of the people who graduated in 2017 were employed in jobs in the construction, retail, manufacturing or service industries.

In 2018, more than 50 per cent of graduates were in jobs like construction, manufacturing, or service jobs.

The number one reason for the departure was the cost of housing.

More Canadians left Canada for cheaper housing than for jobs, according to the survey.

More people are leaving Canada to move for a better lifestyle, or to have a job.

Many are choosing to move to Europe, which has lower cost of wages, according the CareerBuilder report.

“Some people are moving to Europe for economic reasons, such as wanting to earn more money or to avoid a high cost for housing,” Career Builder said.

Other reasons include a desire to escape poverty, to pursue a career that pays well, or for personal reasons.

“There are some people who are moving from Canada because they believe the economy is getting better and they are seeing a higher wage,” CareerBuster said.

In addition, a lot of people who leave are moving out of Canada for reasons related to politics and other issues.

For instance, the report said that people in the middle class were the biggest losers, while the top 1 per cent lost more than $2,000 on their relocation.

There are also concerns that the number of young people moving to Canada is on the rise, which could cause problems for the economy.

The study found that about 40 per cent said they would move out of the country for work if it meant they could earn more in Canada.

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