Why a major news story may have lost its meaning in 2016 and why you should care about it in 2018

Why a major news story may have lost its meaning in 2016 and why you should care about it in 2018

Axios is reporting that the 2016 election has been a complete loss for Donald Trump and the Republican Party, and it may have made a difference in the 2018 midterms.

The headline of Axios’ story on the 2016 U.S. election was: “The 2016 election is the worst of all time.”

That story, however, was published before the results were in, and in fact, the story doesn’t actually say that at all.

In fact, it didn’t even say anything about Trump’s losing the 2016 presidential election.

It’s a story about the 2016 campaign, but it was written before it actually happened.

“We were so wrong,” Axios writes.

The story is part of the larger trend of bad coverage in the Trump era, which has resulted in the media’s failing to cover the president’s every move and failing to present a balanced and credible picture of the president and the country.

For instance, the New York Times and The Washington Post were among the worst news organizations in the country for their coverage of the 2017 inauguration.

In 2018, The New York Post and the Los Angeles Times have both suffered from poor coverage of Trump.

The Washington Times has also been criticized for its coverage of Comey and Mueller’s investigation.

It has also repeatedly tried to whitewash the Trump administration’s handling of the Russia probe.

It even tried to blame the Russia investigation on the FBI’s decision to not indict Trump for obstruction of justice.

The problem for the Trump-Pence administration is that the Trump campaign, the Trump White House, and the Trump media empire have all fallen victim to this same media failure to report on Trump’s presidency.

In the first two years of his presidency, Trump has received nearly half of the media coverage of any incoming president.

This year, that number is down to around a third of what it was in 2016.

But the problem for Trump’s media coverage is that, despite the lack of coverage, Trump is a polarizing figure who can still be successful in the eyes of his supporters.

“The media is basically treating him like a celebrity, which it shouldn’t,” David Axelrod, a former senior adviser to the White House under Barack Obama, told Vox.

“There are people who would like to see him succeed.

And there are people with whom he has a good relationship.”

Trump is in the process of making that relationship work better.

He’s making his presidency the most unpopular in history, according to Gallup polling, with a 56 percent disapproval rating.

That’s the highest disapproval rating for any incoming U.N. president, and his approval rating is hovering around the 30 percent mark.

Trump has also done very well in the polls, particularly among Republicans, despite his unpopularity.

He has an approval rating of 63 percent among Republicans and 49 percent among Democrats.

But that’s far from a good combination.

Trump’s approval rating among independents, the largest demographic in the United States, is currently sitting at just 40 percent, according the Pew Research Center.

Trump is also losing the support of the very people who voted for him in 2016, according, Vox’s Alexia Prehn, an associate professor at Georgetown University.

“This isn’t just the unpopularity of Trump,” Prehn said.

“It’s the very unpopularity with which he’s being treated by the media.”

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