What you need to know about the Horseshoe Bend floods

What you need to know about the Horseshoe Bend floods

What to do if you’re in the Horsetail Bend area of South Australia?

The waters rose up quickly over the weekend and there are fears some roads will be washed out.

The waters rose back down to the shoreline on Saturday, after a severe weather system passed through the area.

“It’s been a really bad week for the area, with a lot of rain and flooding,” South Australian Governor Scott Emerson said.

“There’s been an unprecedented number of flooding reports across the state.”

It is a busy time for locals, and some people are even finding themselves stranded on the side of the road.

One woman who was stuck on the road on Saturday was not surprised when she saw the water rising.

“It was just a shock,” she said.

She was not prepared for what she would find when she got back to her car.

“We didn’t expect that to be so close to us,” she explained.

While the water rose, there was no warning.

“There was no indication of it coming back down,” she told ABC Radio Adelaide.

In fact, it was too early to know whether the floodwaters would come back.

“At that stage we could only see the water that was rising and the areas that were being flooded were very shallow,” the ABC’s Adelaide bureau chief, Steve Waddell, said.

“As soon as the water went away, we could see that it was coming back to the water.”

A lot of people have been in that area and were not aware that they had been in the water.

“A lot is still unknown about the water situation in the region.

There have been no official reports of deaths or serious injuries, but the ABC has learned some residents are worried.

As of Friday morning, there were still about 150 homes and businesses left without power in the area and many were without power for hours.

Many businesses had been closed.

South Australia Premier Mark McGowan said there was still a lot to be done to restore power.”

But Mr McGowan was not satisfied with the state of the power system. “

That’s going to require all of the people involved to come together and work together to get it back up.”

But Mr McGowan was not satisfied with the state of the power system.

He said the government needed to provide more help.


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