Why I won’t vote in the Barents’ regional elections

Why I won’t vote in the Barents’ regional elections

Barenta’s regional elections are on Monday and the Børsen region’s largest party, the Party of Social Democrats (PSD), will take the lead in the race for the mayor of Barentsburg.

The party’s candidate for mayor, Jørgen Børnes, is a retired police officer who has been mayor since 2008.

He is a social liberal who wants to reduce the burden on the public services and make sure the public has more money for health care.

His party’s leader, Kristin Børnstad, is also a retired cop.

The regional elections will take place at 11am local time (19:00 GMT).

This will be the first time since the second round of the local elections in 2015 that both the candidates have been elected to the regional government.

The PSD will also be represented by the local municipality, the Bårgjern municipality, which will also run the campaign.

Børnsdottir, who has also been mayor of the regional capital, Bergen, for more than two decades, said that he will not vote for the regional election.

The party’s election manifesto calls for a more inclusive society and the dismantling of social hierarchies.

“I will not be voting in the elections,” he said.

“I will continue to work in the local government.”

The PSI is a small party that has been in the governing coalition with the governing center-left party, The Moderate Party (VVD).

However, the VVD is a major party that is also running for office.

It is currently the second largest party in the regional parliament.

The Børdens, like other Bønland municipalities, are a part of the Norwegian Government.

The local government has been a part the government since 1983.

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