Scottish Conservatives back Jeremy Corbyn for leader of Scottish Labour

Scottish Conservatives back Jeremy Corbyn for leader of Scottish Labour

Scottish Conservatives leader and former shadow Scottish Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has endorsed Labour candidate for the leadership of the Scottish Labour Party in the Scottish Parliament election on Sunday.

The Scottish Labour candidate is Angus Robertson who was one of the SNP MPs who voted against a motion on Scottish independence in the 2015 Scottish Parliament vote.

Mr Robertson’s campaign manager, Jim MacGregor, said the endorsement was an important sign of confidence in the Labour Party.

“This is a victory for the Labour campaign, and it’s an indication of the strength of the grassroots support that has been building up in Scotland,” he said.

“Jeremy is the only person that has come up with a plan to address the concerns that people in Scotland have, and the SNP’s strategy to do so has been to say, ‘No, we will not have any independent Scotland’.”

The Scottish Conservatives are not supporting the Labour candidate, Mr Robertson, and will instead support Labour’s Scottish Parliamentary candidate, Angus Robertson, who is also a former Scottish Labour member of parliament.

Mr MacGregin said Mr Robertson had the support of the party, and would have to “take on the SNP and the Labour right now” to win the election.

“I think Angus Robertson has a very strong chance of winning, but we’re going to have to have some very tough conversations about how we get the Labour vote in Scotland, and we’re hoping that Angus Robertson can do that,” he added.

The SNP are also supporting the candidate of Scottish Conservatives’ former leader, Angus MacNeil.

He is one of six Scottish Conservative MPs who supported Labour’s motion in the referendum to leave the UK, and Mr MacNeil has been a strong supporter of the Labour party.

Mr McNeil is also the chair of the Conservative Party of Scotland, which is part of the wider Scottish Conservatives movement.

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